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Message from Nepal Bhasa Wikipedia[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

Pardon me for my use of English here but I dont know this language well enough to communicate in it. Nepal Bhasa wikipedia has recently started developing here . We would like to increase co-ordination between the two wikipedia, share resources as well as to learn from this version. If someone is interested, please visit Nepal Bhasa Embassy. Thank you. --Eukesh

Translation[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

Hi, I could use a translation of the following text into Alemannic German, if anyone has the time: "Hello! If you wish to leave me a message, it would probably reach me sooner if you left it at my English Wikipedia talk page.". Please reply with the translation here. Danke! Hexagon1 07:58, 9. Okt. 2008 (CEST)

actually a topic for the project page (embassy) and not the talk page ;). Nonetheless, a possible translation (en:Basel alemannic german) is: "Sali! Wenn du mir e Noochricht wotsch hinterloo, denn duet si mi vermuetli schnäller erreiche, wenn du si mir uff minere Diskussionssyte vo dr änglische Wikipedia duesch hinterloo." --Dr Umschattig red mit mir 10:14, 9. Okt. 2008 (CEST)
Oh, sorry, I just clicked the "Message to the embassy" link on the Embassy main page. Thanks for the translation! Hexagon1 10:36, 9. Okt. 2008 (CEST)
I'm sorry, you're right. Our embassy service is rarely used. I thought questions would be handled at the project page but obviously I was wrong... --Dr Umschattig red mit mir 13:20, 9. Okt. 2008 (CEST)

Racibórz[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

Hi. Can somebody write an (at least ;] ) short stub about my city (Racibórz) on Alemannic Wikipedia? Many thanks for anyone who could do that :) Olos88 07:16, 22. Jul. 2009 (MESZ)

Hi! We do not boost the creation of stubs, we encourage authors to write longer articles. It's not our goal to have as much articles as possible. Second, we focus on articles with an alemannic theme or connection. I doubt that Raciborz will fit these criteria. So please don't be disappointed if your whish won't be fulfilled, but maybe you are lucky and one of or authors has a weak moment ;) --Dr Umschattig red mit mir 21:12, 23. Jul. 2009 (MESZ)

Foundation New Images Policy[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

Hi everyone,
I am Yosri from Malay Wikipedia. Recently I was informed by certain parties that MS Wiki need to delete any images tagged as Non-Commercial under Foundation Licensing policy. After I have done some studies, I realised that Wikipedia Foundations is moving towards allowing commercialises all images, as such they are acting on behalf of commercial company to require all images loaded with tagging Non-Commercial in all Wiki Project to be removed, including those loaded in local Wiki. You are only allowed to licenses your images under "free content", which specifically allows commercial reuse, example GDLF 1.2. Certain images is excempted under a very narrow EDP ("exemption doctrine policy") definition. If you all already aware about this, please ignore this comment. Otherwise, for more details please visit Yosri 05:50, 2. Mär. 2011 (MEZ)

Harry Mulisch[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

Kann jemand den Artikel ueber den bekanntesten niederländischen Schriftsteller de:Harry Mulisch schreiben?

hello, I have a message in English to send you[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

Thank You,

For reading this, my friend, I have no reason to speak to you, but, to say, hello, because we are now, all, in contact on the Net. Where are you? I have no reason to know your abouts' so, I would say a kindly hello, and would wish you the best of the Winter to come. Be safe for the Winter, and have a few good times in the house. I am trying to live in this place, I have a boyfriend who takes care of me.

When you are on the ice, I am there also,


God Bless, I believe,

Mrs. Cressida MArcus

Dialäkt Elsassich[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

En tête de chaque article sur les communes de Moselle, l'encadré "Dialäkt Elsassich" laisse supposer qu'il s'agit du dialecte en usage dans cette commune. (qui est précisé , c'est vrai , plus bas dans l'article) Alors que j'ai compris au final qu'il s'agit d'une précision sur la langue de l'article.. Pas clair du tout , à mon avis ...ursprüngli nit-signierte Byytraag vo de IP 12:26, 6. Mai 2012‎

Oui c'est vrai que le système actuel avec les encadrés n'est pas tellement idéale pour designer le dialecte de l'article, mais on ne sait pas trop à présent comment rendre plus convenable ce système. --Terfili (Diskussion) 15:32, 6. Mai 2012 (MESZ)[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

Whoever this may concern,

The artist Petite had changed the content in the article describing her ( to English. Due to this fault user Jüppsche and user Holder, who had created the article, have returned the content to its original and have blocked the possibility of edit on the link. We are presently creating the updated Wikipedia article for Petite Meller in English and would like to kindly ask user Jüppsche and user Holder to either translate the following text into Alemannisch and post it on their link or to totally discard of the article regarding Petite Meller as the information there is not up-to-date and incorrect.

Thank you for your understanding, With our very best greetings, A.T.Mann

Please find below the updated text in English:


Petite (Sivan. Eva) Meller (*14. July, France Bastille day, 1987*)

PETITE is an international singer songwriter producing Nuvo-Jazzy Pop in French and English. Leading it with angelic childlike vocals.

PETITE co-founded the band Terry Poison in 2006, releasing hits such as “Comme Ci Comme Ca” and "Cinema", performing worldwide, the band opened for Depeche Mode, and played in various festivals such as SXSW and Rock en Seine.

In her first solo project PETITE has already opened for such acts as Mark Ronson, Hurts, and Uffie. She modeled for L'Oreal, Vogue and Another Magazine, and will appear on the upcoming September issue of “Jalouse” Magazine.

PETITE's debut video “NYC TIME”, co-directed by A.T.Mann & Mexican photographer Napoleon Habeica (American Apparel) is inspired by David Hamilton’s aesthetics and represents the voyage of rhythm to NYC.