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Hello! I'm Bydand. I live in the city of Sheffield, England. I started using the English Wikipedia over 4 years ago, in 2006, and have made over 7500 edits to it. In July 2010, I created my global account. You can view my user page on each project on the picture on the left, or my interwiki here.

On Wikipedia[ändere | Quälltäxt bearbeite]

I have rollback and reviewing rights on the English Wikipedia. I also have the accounts Jack and Jackrm, which I have kept from usurping previous usernames, and they are now used for boring tasks such as using AWB. I have added several pictures and sound clips, to Wikimedia and some logos and pictures which are not free.

On Wikipedia, my edits mainly consist of stopping vandals and talking in many Wikipedia areas such as featured picture candidates. I have recently started taking an interest in images on Wikimedia projects, and I have now started adding different pictures to featured picture candidates if people want to see something changed. I am also looking to start adding pictures for featured picture candidacy. When I'm not talkings in areas such as this, I use random article often, fixing any mistakes I notice. I sometimes also review articles at featured article candidates and good article candidates. I made significant contributions to w:Meg & Dia and w:Coheed and Cambria which are both good articles, and recently nominated Sheffield to be a good article, another article which I have made significant contributions to. Reqeusts for adminship, articles for deletion and administators noticeboard for incidents are when I can also often be found.

Wikimedia Foundation
Des isch e Wikipedia-Benutzersite.
Wenn du di Site userhalb vo de Wikipedia gsehsch, dann isch es en gschpiigelte Klon. D Site cha dann veraltet si und het möglicherwis kein persönlicher Bezug me zum Benutzer, wo d Site erschtellt het. D Originalsite isch hiir z finde: Benutzer:Jack ( Witeri Informatione zu de Lizenzbestimmige vo de Wikipedia gits derte.