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I call for a deletion of this article. It is part of a selfpromoting spamming of more than 40 editions of wikipedia. Alle articles (except those on en: and es:) are created by anonymoums/unregistred first-edit-users, they have the same brief text, short and with links to www in spanish only.

Please also note that all his books are in spanish, and neither of them have been translated to your language. Thus he is not very relevant to readers of your laguage. I who write this is admin at no:wp as no:bruker:Orland. With greetings; --Orland 07:40, 29. Mei 2008 (CEST)

No need for deletion. Even if this should be selfpromotion (but I doubt he really speaks Alemannic ;-) it is legitimate in this case! --- Best regards, Melancholie 08:58, 29. Mei 2008 (CEST)

My name is Juan Carlos García and I'm es:usuario:selvinderan in es:wp. I am the author of this article. It's not selfpromoting spamming.
This article and others have been created to extend and to improve Wikipedia.
More information in Discusión Rubén Serrano es:wp [1]

See en:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Rubén Serrano; and pl:Wikipedia:SDU/Rubén Serrano; and de:Wikipedia:Löschkandidaten/2. Juni 2008#Rubén Serrano. This article is deleted in fr:wp, ga:wp, eml:wp and no:wp; and now even in es:wp, his native laguage, because of the spamming/selfpromoting nature of this article. --Orland 22:01, 3. Jun. 2008 (CEST)

Although the article is a stub, I do not see why this article should be that poor or even bad enough to be deleted. It just provides information about a public person, an author of books. --- Regards, Melancholie 05:14, 4. Jun. 2008 (CEST)
Further discussion concerning a deletion, there; please! --Melancholie 08:31, 5. Jun. 2008 (CEST)