The Who Sell Out

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The Who Sell Out
Studioalbum vo The Who
Veröffentligt 15. Dezember 1967
Label Track Records, Decca Records
Format LP, MC, CD
Genre Rock
Zahl vo de Titel 13
Laufzit 38:46


Produktion Kit Lambert
Studio * Talentmasters Studios, New York
  • IBC Studios, Pye Studios, De Lane Lea Studios, CBS Studios und Kingsway Studios, London
  • Gold Star Studios, Los Angeles
A Quick One
The Who Sell Out Tommy
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The Who Sell Out isch s dritt Studioalbum vu dr britische Rockband The Who. S isch am 15. Dezember 1967 bi Track Records uusechoo.

Titellischt[ändere | Quälltäxt bearbeite]

  1. "Armenia City in The sky" (John Keen) (3:12)
  2. "Heinz Baked Beans" (John Entwistle) (0:57)
  3. "Mary Anne with The Shaky Hand" (Pete Townshend) (2:04)
  4. "Odorono" (Pete Townshend) (2:16)
  5. "Tattoo" (Pete Townshend) (2:42)
  6. "Our Love Was" (Pete Townshend) (3:07)
  7. "I Can See for Miles" (Pete Townshend) (4:17)
  8. "I Can't Reach You" (Pete Townshend) (3:03)
  9. "Medac" (John Entwistle) (0:57)
  10. "Relax" (Pete Townshend) (2:38)
  11. "Silas Stingy" (John Entwistle) (3:04)
  12. "Sunrise" (Pete Townshend) (3:03)
  13. "Rael 1" (Pete Townshend) (5:44)

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