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    Us der alemannische Wikipedia, der freie Dialäkt-Enzyklopedy

    Please stop that[Quälltäxt bearbeite]

    Dear D.A. Borgdorff

    please stop this providing of your own original research. This is the Alemannic Wikipedia, a project for developing an Encyclopedia in Alemannic. Alemannic Wikipedia is not a place to publish your own thoughts and analyses or to publish new information not previously published. Wikipedia is also not a webspace provider for your self-promotion.

    Your user page is not a personal homepage, nor is it a blog. More importantly, your user page is not yours. It is a part of Wikipedia, and exists to make collaboration among Wikipedians easier, not for self-promotion.

    If your contributions are reverted on other Wikipedias (or if you are even blocked) this is not the place to show that discussions.

    With Kind regards,

    --Holder 19:12, 17. Okt. 2009 (MESZ)Antworten[Antwort gee]

    Dear Sir Holder: I owe to thank you so much but am finding your analyses too strange e.g. there is some (Your remarks: ) *selfpromtion* at hand, et cetera ?? where my page is not my page vv. ... it looks kinda silly assumption to me 'cause I'm very likely to collaborate as here (as elsewhere) as everlasting. - Your last sentence though – to be find in (the) history – I'll understand and remain obliged with kind regard as faithfully Yours: D.Ing D.A. Borgdorff 12:51, 18. Okt. 2009 (MESZ)Antworten[Antwort gee]